Armor of God

Ephesians 6:10-18

My first sculpture in the medium, the Armor of God was the result of me seeing the picture in church and learning about the Armor of God. The picture was there, taped to my office door for a few years until I had the time and inspiration to make it out of scrap aluminum left over from a project, I designed for the department of state.


It took many months, and I feel like it’s more arts-and-crafts meets bad fabrication, but it remains a fan favorite.


This piece sat in my yard for at least a year until a friend passionately asked for me to make an element to bless his restaurant as the beginning of COVID was such a challenge… the whole Armor of God has stood guard over his restaurant, B Street 104 in Greencastle, PA ever since.


We would like to thank Caroline Fisher for her photographs of this sculpture.

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