David & Goliath

Though it’s a gory one, the story of David and Goliath is one of my favorites. We see a little guy go up against (literally) the biggest threat Israel had ever seen, and guess what: he takes out the big guy!


Often in life, it seems like the big guy is going to wipe out the little guy, and we’re definitely seeing that play out right now. COVID-19 is a big guy, economic downturn is a big guy, depression and anxiety are big guys. They’re all really frightening, no doubt about it. But, when you know God is by your side, you find out the “big” guy isn’t so scary anymore.

The God of the universe, who’s larger than time and space, is fighting for you, and to Him, the big guy is actually the little guy. Against Him, the big guy has no chance!

When I started on this sculpture, I wanted to challenge my ability as an artist. I wanted to make something gargantuan. Of course, the story of David and Goliath came to mind. In one piece, I’ve constructed both the biggest and the smallest sculptures I’ve created to date. There were some moments when we weren’t sure it was going to work, but, as you can see, we fought the odds and won!

We would like to thank Christopher St. Germain for his beautiful work on these photos.

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