The Watchful Eye of a Mother

My newfound passion for horses grows as I research them in their stalls and in their fields. However, I can’t draw them free-handed very well, so I scaled out drawings on red rosin paper at a 1:1 scale. On this one, I drew it faithfully to the scale (with about a 4” by 4” grid being “one hand” in horse language), but this thing looked huge! After checking and rechecking it, it still looked enormous. However, my resident horse expert Kori thought it seemed small. She suggested I visit our friend Teresa in the next town and see her Cleveland Bays.


You ain’t seen nothing till you see these magnificent horses up close! They are taller and more powerful than anything I’ve ever seen. The breed has a regal stance and nature, a nod to their long history with the Queen of England who helped save them from extinction in World War II.

Not long ago, we introduced The Watchful Eye of a Mother, our first commissioned sculpture. We made this little family of Cleveland Bays to commemorate our friends–Scott and Lisa Berg–welcoming a Cleveland Bay mare and foal into their fold. The sculpture recently went off to its new home to grace their estate.

Since we finished this sculpture, our friendship with Scott and Lisa has grown immensely. We had a lovely time getting to know their family over a steak dinner on installation day.

We would like to thank Caroline Fisher and Mike Buscher for their lovely photos of this sculpture.

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